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What is stress?

Stress is caused by a person’s physical and emotional reaction to life events. Heavy workloads and the modern lifestyle create excessive chronic stress in people today. Stress not only creates biochemical abnormalities such as adrenal fatigue and inflammation but can also cause energy blockages, affecting the function of internal organs. Both modern Western medicine and ancient Chinese medicine agree that chronic stress is a major cause of illness.

Image by Uday Mittal

How is anxiety different from stress?

Anxiety is experienced in the heart and brain. It is mostly caused by excessive worry, fear, or suppressed anger. From the Chinese medicine perspective, these excessive emotions can be caused by energetic imbalances affecting the spleen, liver, and kidneys. That makes acupuncture an effective treatment for anxiety, especially when it is applied by an acupuncturist at Naturally Gazania Acupuncture and Wellness Center who specializes in mental health.


How Acupuncture can help with stress and anxiety?

Acupuncture effectively opens the obstruction of energy channels and normalizes energy flow. It helps relax muscles, reduce pain, and calms the mind. In the long term, it helps prevent the development of chronic illness.

The experienced professionals at Naturally Gazania Acupuncture and Wellness Center apply specific acupuncture techniques to stimulate the flow of energy and restore the natural balance between yin and yang circulation. To optimize results, we integrate other services and approaches in our treatments.

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