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Health Insurance

Naturally Gazania Acupuncture and Wellness Center accepts insurance for patients. If you have health insurance, please let the office know in advance of your first appointment so acupuncture benefits may be verified.

Please start the process by emailing us at or texting us at 510-712-8486 with the following info  

We will need the following information: 

Name (First and Last), Date of Birth, Member ID number, Group number, Health Plan name, and phone number.


All information is kept strictly confidential and will only be used to communicate with your insurance company. The office will contact you with the results of your insurance inquiry, usually within 24-48 hours.

Doctor's Appointment

Please know that most insurance will only cover 15 minutes of treatment time. Any additional time, use of heat lamps or other modalities may be included out of generosity, however, should not be expected and is not guaranteed. - generally, I will include the use of a heat lamp and an additional 15 minutes for a full 30 minutes given for free.

Currently, In-Network with 

  • Optum Health - plan may have a deductible

    • United Healthcare​

    • ACN Group of California

    • Sutter Health Plus

    • WellCare of California

    • California Schools Veba


  • American Specialty Health (ASH Network)

    • Covers acupuncture for various insurance companies such as

      • Kaiser - (Selected plans)

      • Blue Cross/Shield - 

      • Cigna

      • Aetna

      • Health Net

      • and more

        • *only select plans from these insurance companies will cover acupuncture.

        • *ASH plans may not honor your full benefit, generally 8 visits are pre-approved per provider per year.

Some of the answers that we will obtain for you are:

• Does your policy cover our services?

• Does your coverage have any exclusions or limitations?

• Do you have in or out-of-network coverage?

• Do you have an annual deductible?

• Do you have a co-payment or co-insurance?

• Do you have a yearly visit limit?

What conditions does my insurance cover?
Generally, insurance covers all pain conditions. Insurance does not cover any manual therapy 

​​Insurance also often covers​:
Any condition deemed Medically necessary with a referral from your primary care physician.

*Insurance typically does not cover cupping/manual therapy


Yes we accept HSA and FSA card payments, we also offer proof of payment with procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and payment rendered for reimbursement 

Acupuncture is an approved medical expense for FSA and HSA accounts. Be sure to spend anything that doesn't roll over to the next year! 


If your policy covers our treatments, we will bill your insurance provider for our services. If our services are not covered under your plan, then you can pay out of pocket for our service and we can give you a superbill to give to your insurance to try and get reimbursement.

We accept cash and most major credit cards.

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