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What it is:
Naturally Gazania Herbals Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Energy, Immunity and Nourish your Blood. This soup will help give you energy, build immunity and nourish your blood.


Which concerns is this herbal mix good for?
✔ Fatigue/ Low energy 
✔ low immunity
✔ anemia 
✔ menstrual concerns




Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Tonifies the blood and Qi

To use:

Add the whole bag of herbs to a big pot of bone broth, vegatable soup or soup. Broth herbs should simmer at least 30 minutes to receive the full benefits and can simmer up to 24 hours. These culinary medicinal herbs are versatile and can be used with many vegetables, meats, grains, culinary herbs and spices.



 All ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced when possible.


Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) - Strengthens the inner energy of the body and boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, builds up resistance particularly when your immune system is lowered by overworking and stress. Astragalus is one of only 13 herbs in the world that's labeled as scientifically "adaptogenic", which means that it has the unique capability to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your blood, helping you to “adapt” more easily to difficult environments, such as cold, a stressful work situation, or fatigue.


Dried Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) - Benefits the liver, which manifests in improving eyesight especially if poor eyesight is caused by malnutrition, vessel expansion, inflammation or eye strain from staring at computer screens and documents for long periods of time. 


Dang Gui-  Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui/Dong Quai) - Highly valued for the treatment for a host of women's illnesses, dong quai root has been shown to affect estrogen and other hormones in animals. It has the ability to nourish the blood and strengthen the female reproductive organs. This formula uses a large dose of dong quai as the principle herb to supplement and vitalize the blood, dispel stasis and generate the new.


Bai Shao -

Herbal Soup / Broth Mix - Energy/Immunity/Nourish Blood (FREE SHIPPING USA)

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