Initial Acupuncture Wellness Visit (Recommended) 
(2 hours)

Doctor Office

Senior Discount $160

Treatment includes complete medical history, physical examination, Review of previous laboratory testing, Acupuncture, Zyto Scan, and other  Chinese Medicine modalities as needed (Cupping, Gua sha, Tui Na Medical Massage, etc). Not included in the price is the prescription of Herbal formulas, Nutrition supplementation, recommendations, and referral to laboratory testing if needed. 

Cupping / Gua Sha/ Tui Na
(60 min)

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Cupping and TuiNa are forms of Chinese medical manual therapy.  Your treatment will include hands-on manipulation on the area of concern utilizing classical techniques, followed by cupping therapy. This can help to ease pain. stiff joints, tense shoulders, improve circulation, and more.  Cupping is used for a variety of ailments including back pain, muscle tension, and asthmatic conditions.  


Follow-up Acupuncture Wellness Visit (60 Min)


After your Initial Acupuncture visit. These visits consist of a Brief health review from a Chinese medicine and integrative perspective, Acupuncture, and other modalities as needed ( Gua sha, Tui Na medical Massage, etc). Lifestyle and nutritional recommendations. Additional $15 if cupping is needed. Not included in price are prescription of herbs or Nutrition supplements .

Senior Discount $100

Facial Rejuvenation
(1 hour 30 min)

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Acupuncture treatment focused on the face along with facial gua sha. Facial acupuncture helps to increase circulation, boost collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, decrease puffiness, release jaw muscle tension, contour face, and improve skin tone. This offering is beneficial  to naturally enhance skin radiance and beauty.  

Senior Discount $145

Herbal Consultation/ Herbal Follow-up (30 min)

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 Complete patient history intake review, Herbal recommendations (prescription to pick up formula/ custom formula or buy at clinic) 

Senior Discount $40

We do not accept insurance at this time, however, we do accept HSA/FSA cards. If you have out-of-network health insurance benefits, you can submit documentation in the form of a Superbill (which we can provide) to them for reimbursement for your care.


It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure their Insurance offers reimbursement for Acupuncture services and the condition they are being treated for. All products and services we provide must be paid for at the time of visit.